Can you Get Peacock on Playstation 4?

Is Peacock on PlayStation 4?
Answer is Yes. It is available on PlayStation 4.

You have a PlayStation 4 and looking for a Peacock app to be download on it. Here we are guide you to how to download Peacock on Playstation4.

Before few days back Peacock TV Streaming is not available on Sony's PlayStation 4 but now it service is available to download and install it.

Peacock App gives you thousands of hours content. Specifically peacock offers NBC shows. Not only NBC shows; peacock offers you sports, news and more. Yo have a Xfinity or Cox user then you don't need to pay extra cost for it.

Most of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users enjoying the Peacock apps through Sony console streaming app.

If you don't have peacock apps then you must subscribe and enjoy the most of shows available on it.

How to download Peacock App on PlayStation 4?

There are few simple steps to get access Peacock on PlayStation 4.

Step 1 : First go to "Main Menu?"

Step 2 : Scroll down and Select the "Apps"

Step 3 : After opening "Apps" Select the "All Apps"

Step 4 : Find the "Peacock" because it is not easily visible. Go with search option.

Step 5 : After found. Just click on "Download"

After that you have to enjoy Peacock app. After subscription added select any one of the options from it "Peacock" or "Peacock Premium" or "Peacock Premium Plus"


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